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The Perfect Lamb Roast


The Perfect Lamb Roast

The Perfect Lamb Roast

14th of May, 2015

Cooking the Perfect Lamb Leg Roast on the Barbeque!

Perfect to cook outside so the house or bach doesn’t heat up too much, and great with a really good glass of Pinot Noir.      

Season.  Lamb is tasty enough on its own however seasoning with bold flavours such as fresh rosemary, oregano, thyme, orange/lemon/lime zest and garlic really accentuate the sweetness of the meat. Once seasoned wrap the meat tightly and refrigerate overnight to allow the flavour to be absorbed by the lamb.  This gives time for the flavours to be absorbed by the meat. However, when using salt to season the meat, only add just prior to cooking. Salting too early will draw out the juices and can make it dry.

Never cook a lamb roast cold. Instead, remove it from the fridge, cover and leave it to warm up to room temperature for at least 60 minutes before cooking. Rub generously with olive oil and salt just before cooking.

Pre-heat the Barbeque.  If your barbeque has a temp gauge, check it is up around 180-200 C before putting in your roast. Roasting on a rack within the barbeque allows heat to circulate around your lamb and brown meat evenly.  A low dish set just under the meat is a perfect spot to collect the fat dripping off and roasting onions, garlic and any other vegetables you desire.  Try to cook slightly below your desired degree of rareness as cooking will continue while the meat is resting. Depending on the size of roast this may take 60-80 minutes

Allowing the lamb roast to rest gives time for the juices to redistribute themselves among the meat. A lamb roast that has rested before being served will be juicier than one that has not rested. When serving, always slice your meat across the grain to help maximise tenderness.

This meal is delicious sliced and served on a great big platter surrounded by the barbequed vegetables and a big dish of warm, lightly steamed and buttered green beans.

Don’t forget the perfect wine match – Ataahua 2012 Pinot Noir

Ataahua Waipara Pinot Noir 2012  ««««

Hand-picked fruit, given a cold soak and indigenous yeast fermented to 14.0% alc., the wine aged 12 months in seasoned French oak barrels.  Moderately dark ruby-red colour with garnet hues, lighter on rim.  The bouquet is elegant with restrained aromas of dark red berry fruits entwined with savoury seasoned oak and earthy elements, along with light herb and peppery nuances.    Medium-full bodied, lively savoury red berry fruit flavours show with savoury earth, undergrowth and oak notes.  Fresh and crisp acidity underlines the fruit and fine-grained, firm tannins provide the structure and line.  The flavours are carried to an earthy finish with complex savoury detail.  This is a savoury, earthy Pinot Noir with a fine, firm palate and acid drive.  Serve with mushroomy risotto, pasta, and Mediterranean red meat and lamb dishes over the next 4-5 years.  Jan 2014  RRP $34.00

Review by Raymond Chan, Wine Judge, Wine Critic